Freehold properties at Etang Vallier Brossac

plan etang vallier brossac lakeNew Build free hold properties are still available surrounding the Etang Vallier Resort & Spa at Brossac lake. The development is nearing its final stages. But, there is still more to come to this ambitious project in the heart of rural Charente. The 45ha park offers three distinct habitats each with their own style of new build free hold propertis for sale. They all surround the Brossac lake with the independant Resort & Spa complex on its' shore. The combined environment of the 3 parks of new build homes plus the Resort services and activities make living , investing and holidaying at Etang Vallier Brossac exceptional. This is an friendly atmosphere offering a high standard services normally unavailable in rural areas of France.

Buy direct from the developper

new build homesThe new builds are sold by Etang Vallier SARL. Local teams work hard all year to bring you quality built low maintenance homes with a 10 year build guarantee. Because we work with locals and you buy direct- you get a home that is the best honest value available anywhere. You'll appreciate the effort and we appreciate your enjoyment of your new home. Our teams construct solid, brick built permanent residential estate homes or holiday villas. We stand behind our products, as we are your neighbors and want to see smiling happy faces near to home! We are happy to provide the complete list of owners for you to consult and contact.

Les Pinedes

brossac new build

Etang Vallier was formerly known as the Holiday park at Brossac Lake,originally owned and operated by the municipality of Brossac. There were 25 mini villas and a restaurant on site when Gerard Corluy purchased the park in 2004. His dream is to enjoy the beautiful south charente while building homes and making the park into a true destination in the Charente for everyone can enjoy.

The park "Les Pinedes" is the original holiday park and has now more than doubled in size, offering new build 3 bedroom 2 bath villas that are integrated with the original homes and extend onto additional land surrounding the original park. Most of these new homes are let out to tourists by their new owners.Discover the Pinede Park, plans, prices and models... Read More »

Les Chenes

New build  villa

So many people asked, that in 2007 work started on the "Chênes" to offer permanent residences at Etang Vallier - Brossac Lake. It is now nearly sold out - a beautiful collection of 20+ homes neighboring the original holiday park Les Pinedes. The homes are all efficiently conceived for a maximum of confort. They each are set on good size plots to allow for the private pools many of their new owners desire.

There are several models available in The Chenes- and many possibilites for personalising your new home.... Read More »