Buying a house in Charente France

brossac house for saleBuying couldn't be easier at Etang vallier in Brossac South Charente. We are here on site to help at every step of the process. Come for a visit to get a real feel of what owning a home in Brossac will be like. Spend some time seeing the area and choosing your dream home.Once you have decided to buy- you get a special treat... We offer a sailboat trip for every house purchased at Etang Vallier (just to get you in the holiday spirit!).

Choose your Lifestyle

Whether the luxury of a holiday home, or your next permanent residence is what draws you to Etang Vallier, you will benefit from our assistance to get started. It doesn't have to be stressful. The process is simple: You choose the model of house and one of the available plots, we prepare a preliminary reservation contract with the purchase price and delivery date specified, we provide full plans, technical description, inventory, owners' association statutes where applicable, and the suspensive conditions for you if you need to acquire a mortgage. It is a simple process which can take as little as 3 months depending on our build schedule.Email us now for more details »

You don't have to make multiple trips to france to purchase- just one to choose your home, then one for the final signing of the loan papers. If you aren't taking a mortgage, this second trip can be handled with a power of attorney. Then, come over for your planned holiday! Or, for moving into your new permanent home.

Do you need financing?

We have contacts in a couple of local banks. Unlike banks in the UK, they have very straight forward lending guidelines that allow you to easily know whether you qualify. Simply take your monthly combined revenue. Then add up all your on going mortgages and other loans. Divide your debt by your revenue. You can borrow up to 30% of your revenue. If you will be letting your Brossac property, the bank will allow you to include the estimated revenue from the rentals. You will also need 10 to 25% down payment from your own funds. If your calculation is cutting it close, don't hesitate to ask for advice there are often some simple things that will improve your chances. The only other requirement for a french mortgage will be to take out a mortgage insurance from the lending bank- this entails a health questionnaire, but rarely a medical exam. The lending bank will also handle opening you a bank account to arrange automatic mortgage payments.

Calculate your expenses

brossac house for saleIn France, there are 2 types of property taxes- taxe fonciere and taxe d'habitation. They are both calculated on the rental value of your home as calculated by the tax office. They include your television licence and rubbish removal service. You get a 2 year rebate on the taxe foncière as part of the governments incentive for purchasing a new build home. Water and electricity are less expensive than in the UK and Ireland, and similar to Holland and Belgium. Notaire fees are reduced when purchasing a new build from the typical 7-8% to only 2-3% for a new build. All in all- opting for a new build is a good deal. You have an efficient house, low maintenance with reduced fees... and no leaky roofs or drafty windows! Email us now for more details »

Great Values

brossac house for saleThe villas offered at Etang vallier resort offer the best new build values we've found anywhere. They are well built and are offered at honest prices. If you are looking for a steady investment- this is it. You can even claim back the VAT on your purchase if you are purchasing a holiday property and let it out. We can help.